Mommy & Me CoolCurl™ Set

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The GLOV Mommy & Me COOLCURL™ set includes two hair curlers that both, mom and daughter can use at the same time! COOLCURL™ is made of memory foam designed to provide comfortable support for your head and hair while you wear it. The technical GLOV® microfiber that covers the COOLCURL™ is highly absorbent and helps to wick away water from your hair overnight, promoting healthy and beautiful curls in the morning.

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Why will you love COOLCURL ™?

A non-invasive method of hair styling.

The COOLCURL ™ hair roller is used to make cold curls without the presence of high temperatures. What is its innovation? In the use of memory foam instead of ordinary foam. Thanks to it, the hair "works" with the roller during the night. In addition, the technical microfiber developed in GLOV prevents breakage and frizz as the second component of the roller, leaving natural-looking, bouncy and long-lasting curls.

What you gain using COOLCURL ™?

COOLCURL™ allows you to obtain long-lasting curls without the use of heat and reduces frizz, brittleness and hair tangling at night. Innovative materials ensure easy use and no headache in the morning. Universal size easily fits the head. In addition, it is a reusable product - just wash the roller under water and let it dry.

Why is COOLCURL™ an innovative product?

The roller is filled with a special memory foam. Other brands use regular, hard mousse or cotton wool that will mechanically damage your hair. In addition, COOLCURL™ follows the movements of your head and works with your hair while you sleep well.

GLOV® lightweight and super absorbent technical microfiber.

While others use satin or silk, we took it a step further and developed our own technical fabric that absorbs excess water, keeping your curls last all day long. All this prevents the hair from frizzing and tangling. COOLCURL™ keeps your hair in place even when you are moving or sleeping for a long time.