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GLOV® On-The-Go Hydro Cleanser

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The GLOV® On-The-Go Hydro Cleanser is an innovative mitten that removes all makeup and cleanses the skin pore-deep with water only. 

Made from our own, patented Original Fiber (patent no. 403173), this multitasking glove eliminates the need for cotton pads and at least 5 cleansing products: micellar water, cleansing oils, milks, gels and foams. 

Developed with scientists, our On-The-Go is made up of millions of star-shaped microfibers which carry a positive electrostatic charge. When wet, it actively picks up makeup and dirt particles off of your skin, onto the fibers themselves, without causing a smudging effect on your face. Result? A clean and refreshed face, that’s ready for the next step of your skincare routine!

Please reuse your On-The-Go Hydro Cleanser for up to 3 months, cleaning it with the GLOV® Magnet Cleanser Bar. One On-the-Go mitten saves you and the environment an average of 450 cotton pads!



How to use GLOV On -The- Go ?

In order to make your GLOV® On-The-Go experience the most efficient, put it under warm, running water and squeeze it out. Wearing the glove on your hand, put it on the part of your face that you want to clean and hold it for a couple of seconds while applying gentle pressure. Start massaging your face gently, as if you were using a traditional cotton pad et voilà. Makeup removed. For a deeper skin cleanse, repeat the process with the clean side of your On-The-Go Hydro Cleanser.

BEST BEFORE: please use your GLOV® On-The-Go for up to 3 months. Clean regularly with the GLOV® Magnet Cleanser and recycle your used product, by returning it to us! For more information, please read our Sustainability Claim.

COMPOSITION: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide. Hand wash with the GLOV® Magnet Cleanser or gray soap.


Our mission is to make skin cleansing and makeup removal as sustainable and little-waste as possible. Following our “Reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy, we regularly invite our customers to return their used GLOV® fiber-products to us, so we can recycle them into… park benches! Thanks to our strategic partnership with VIVE INNOVATION, we can turn 8120 used GLOV® On-The-Go mittens into 1 park bench and last year alone, we’ve produced several, thanks to you!


Packaging options

Wariant z opakowaniem
Produkty z zamówienia otrzymam zapakowane w tradycyjne opakowania oraz obwoluty. Paczka z produktami zostanie wysłana w kartonowym pudełku z ekologicznym wypełnieniem.
Wariant ekologiczny
Zamówione produkty będą bez opakowań zewnętrznych oraz obwolut, owinięte w ekologiczny pergamin. Zamówienie zostanie wysłane w specjalnej biodegradowalnej kopercie ze skrobi.


Nie masz po drodze do sklepu po nowe akcesoria, a może słaba pamięć nie pomaga w robieniu zapasów? 🙂 Wychodzimy Ci naprzeciw i proponujemy subskrypcję wybranych przez Ciebie artykułów, zgodnie z Twoimi potrzebami. Pierwsze zamówienie cykliczne wysyłamy od razu po zaksięgowaniu wpłaty – też nie lubimy czekać 🙂 Kolejna dobra wiadomość dla zapominalskich: nie musisz pamiętać o robieniu regularnych przelewów. W dniu wysyłki automatycznie pobierzemy należną kwotę z Twojego konta! Po prostu podaj nam numer karty przy pierwszym zamówieniu, a my staniemy się Twoim kosmetycznym Netflixem :)
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You will fall in love with it if...

You have mixed or normal skin, prone to blackheads and oily T-zone.
You have sensitive, allergy-prone or atopic skin.
You like easy and quick facial cleansing.
You like to replace several products with one - more convenient and economical!

How to remove makeup with the GLOV On-the-go glove?

1. Wet the glove in warm or cool water (higher temperature will help dissolve makeup faster).

2. Place the dampened glove on your face, hold it for a few seconds and start gently massaging the skin. You don't have to rub it - the fibers will attract your makeup like a magnet.

3. When finished, wash the glove with soap or a special product Glov Magnet Cleanser, which takes care of the fibers and extends their life.

4. Set aside a clean glove to dry. Let it dry on its own - avoid placing it on a radiator or drying it with a hair dryer.

Why will you love the GLOV glove?

Reduce expenses and waste production

Monthly, to remove makeup alone, you use up to 150 cosmetic pads, which is 1,800 of them per year! When choosing GLOV, you only need 4 gloves for removing make-up and water. A big saving for the planet and your wallet, right?

Choose effective facial cleansing without chemicals

Do you know why our facial cleansing gloves have already stormed over 70 markets worldwide? It is thanks to specially developed microfibers. Their tips are star-shaped and 30 times thinner than a cotton fiber and 100 times thinner than a human hair. As a result, when you wet them, they attract makeup particles like a magnet and thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face.

Unleash creativity, reuse and take care of nature

You can use the cleaning glove daily for up to 3 months. When it loses its properties, you can use it in a different way, e.g. to clean the screen of a computer or smartphone. In this way, you give it new life.

Recycle used gloves

What to do when the makeup remover is worn out? It's best to pass it on to us! Send them to our address. We'll do the rest! We will recycle the microfibers and give them... a third life!