Shipping policy


  1. The Seller will post on the Website information on the number of Working Days required to process the order and Delivery. The standard lead time shall be approximately 6 Business Days, for all Delivery options, calculated from the time the order is placed and paid for (unless the Customer chooses the payment on delivery option). Orders placed and paid for by 11am on a Business Day are generally dispatched the same day.
  2. The ordered Goods are delivered to the Customer, via the Supplier, at the address indicated on the order form.
  3. On the day of dispatch of the Goods to the Customer, information confirming dispatch by the Seller is sent to the Customer's e-mail address.
  4. The Customer is obliged to examine the delivered parcel at the time and in the manner usual for parcels of a given type. If the parcel is found to be damaged or defective, the Customer has the right to request an employee of the Supplier to write an appropriate protocol, and if the employee refuses, the Customer writes the protocol and sends it to the Seller (via e-mail).
  5. The Seller shall send to the Customer a VAT invoice covering the Goods delivered by e-mail, unless the Customer wishes to enclose it with the parcel being delivered.



    1. The Seller allows the Customers to use the Subscription service for selected Goods. The service consists of the delivery of Goods to the address indicated by the Customer, at intervals selected by the Customer (every 30 days, every 60 days or every 90 days), without the need for additional statements or subsequent orders of the Customer.
    2. The first order placed for the Subscription service shall be processed immediately after the order has been placed, pursuant to the provisions of § 7 and § 10. Subsequent orders shall be processed at an interval selected by the Customer. 
    3. Before the next Delivery date arrives, the Seller shall inform the Customer via e-mail. The information referred to in the preceding sentence constitutes confirmation of acceptance of the order for execution. The moment it is received by the Customer, the contract between the Customer and the Seller is concluded. The Customer may withdraw a subsequent order until it is confirmed by the Seller under the terms of this section and section 6.
    4. On the day of the scheduled delivery of subsequent orders, the Seller shall charge funds amounting to the price of the Goods and the costs of Delivery (if Delivery is chargeable) from the Customer's payment card, the number of which was provided when the first order was placed. The order is dispatched after confirmation of payment processing from the external PayPal payment system. If the transaction is declined, for example due to lack of funds on the payment card, the Subscription will not be renewed.
    5. Changing the Subscription model, changing the date or shipping address of the next order, changing the Goods included in the Subscription and unsubscribing are possible at any time, but at least 24 hours before the next order is dispatched. For this purpose, the Customer shall make the relevant changes from the Customer Account or send the relevant information to the Seller by e-mail. Registration of a Customer Account is not mandatory if the Customer uses the Subscription service, however, Registration enables cancellation of the Subscription directly from the Customer Account.
    6. If the Seller is unable to process a subsequent order, it will inform the Customer by e-mail, without charging the Customer further fees.