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GLOV Wifey Set for cleansing and make-up removal

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Wifey Set is a special rescue set designed for wives or brides-to-be. Regardless of who, where and under what circumstances you marry - it is important that you feel the most beautiful in the world on that day!
  • The On-The-Go makeup remover glove removes makeup with only water.It will perfectly prepare the skin for the wedding make-up, and when it blurs gently while taking the oath, the On-The-Go glove will precisely correct it.Psssttt ... just whisper your witness about her!
  • The satin sleeping mask ensures a good night's sleep on the eve of your Big Day.It prevents sunlight from penetrating so you can get enough sleep, read: avoid puffiness under the eyes, read: look great in wedding photos.
  • The Bunny Ears headband keeps hair in place and makes makeup easy.No hair will appear on your face while doing the most important make-up ever!All products are closed in an elegant rose gold cosmetic bag that will easily fit into your bridesmaid's purse.

Dear Bride!Leave the stress on This Day to us.We will take care of your appearance together with your hairdresser and beautician, and you just have fun!

Composition and maintenance

GLOV Bunny Ears headband - 100% polyester. Handwash.

GLOV On-The-Go glove and GLOV Quick Treat Mini-glove - 80% polyester, 20% polyamide. Hand wash with GLOV Magnet Cleanser soap stick or bar.

Packaging options

Wariant z opakowaniem
Produkty z zamówienia otrzymam zapakowane w tradycyjne opakowania oraz obwoluty. Paczka z produktami zostanie wysłana w kartonowym pudełku z ekologicznym wypełnieniem.
Wariant ekologiczny
Zamówione produkty będą bez opakowań zewnętrznych oraz obwolut, owinięte w ekologiczny pergamin. Zamówienie zostanie wysłane w specjalnej biodegradowalnej kopercie ze skrobi.


Nie masz po drodze do sklepu po nowe akcesoria, a może słaba pamięć nie pomaga w robieniu zapasów? 🙂 Wychodzimy Ci naprzeciw i proponujemy subskrypcję wybranych przez Ciebie artykułów, zgodnie z Twoimi potrzebami. Pierwsze zamówienie cykliczne wysyłamy od razu po zaksięgowaniu wpłaty – też nie lubimy czekać 🙂 Kolejna dobra wiadomość dla zapominalskich: nie musisz pamiętać o robieniu regularnych przelewów. W dniu wysyłki automatycznie pobierzemy należną kwotę z Twojego konta! Po prostu podaj nam numer karty przy pierwszym zamówieniu, a my staniemy się Twoim kosmetycznym Netflixem :)
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Gift idea for every woman

Are you wondering what to give your mom? Your teenage sister is having a birthday soon, and you still haven't chosen a gift? We come to your aid! Our sets will be suitable for women of all ages, regardless of your relationship.

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Are you a bargain hunter? We know you do, that's why our product compositions will always please your wallet. You will pay less for all kits than for their component solo products.

Additional accessory

The sets of our products are hidden in handy cosmetic bags or pouches that will serve you for a long time. Pssst… Some of our cosmetic bags can even be used as a school pencil case!

One set for many needs

By deciding to buy a product package, you can take care of your body comprehensively. Our offer includes compositions combining face cleansing products as well as hair and body care products. Holistically!