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The GLOV® Good Vibes Only Set contains everything you need to start the day relaxed - and maintain this relaxed feeling until the evening. The GLOV® make-up remover and facial cleansing glove not only revolutionizes the cosmetics industry with its innovative, patented material, but above all simplifies your routine. Water alone is enough to remove dirt and make-up deep into the pores. It replaces 5 different care products: make-up remover, eye make-up remover, toner, peeling and cotton pads. The product is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The GLOV® SCRUBEX lip peeling is made from an innovative material that gently removes dead skin cells from the lips, tightens them and protects them from drying out again. The gentle massage and peeling effect improves blood circulation, which emphasizes their natural color. All you need is some water. Immediately after use, you can apply your favorite lip balm or apply lipstick. SCRUBEX is the first lip care product of its kind in the world to be marked with the “protected design” symbol. And the best? It is environmentally friendly - you can send it back to us and we will process it further thanks to our sustainability promise.

The set also includes a facial mask removal glove: GLOV® Mask Remover, which allows you to gently remove even the most stubborn and difficult-to-wash cosmetic masks from the surface of the skin. Who's ready for a SPA weekend at home or on the go? Thanks to the cosmetic bag you can take all your products with you wherever you go! All products are vegan, cruelty-free and reusable.

The set contains:

1x GLOV® make-up remover and facial cleansing glove in original size

1x GLOV® Mask Remover

1x GLOV® SCRUBEX lip peeling

1x GLOV® "mirror effect" cosmetic bag in pink

How to use

How to use the GLOV® makeup remover and facial cleansing glove?

  1. Before first use, wash your GLOV® glove under warm running water and then gently wring it out.
  2. Then place the glove on the desired area of ​​the face, hold it in one place for a few seconds and then start to gently massage the skin. Voilà - the makeup is removed.
  3. No need to apply strong pressure or rub! The fibers attract your makeup like a magnet.
  4. Repeat the process with the other side of the glove for an even more refreshing feel. When you're finished, wash the glove with soap or GLOV® Magnet Cleanser soap.
  5. Hang the clean glove to air dry.


How do I use my GLOV® SCRUBEX lip scrub?

  1. Hold your SCRUBEX under warm running water and then gently wring it out.
  2. Place the SCRUBEX on your lip and start moving it gently over it. No need to apply strong pressure or rub!
  3. When you're finished, wash the SCRUBEX with soap or GLOV® Magnet Cleanser soap. Hang the clean SCRUBEX to air dry.
  4. Do not use SCRUBEX more than once every 3 to 4 days and stop immediately if irritation occurs.


How do I use GLOV® Mask Remover?

  1. Wash your GLOV® Mask Remover before first use.
  2. Wet it with warm water, wring it out gently and remove the mask from your skin using light, circular movements.
  3. Once your face is cleansed, you can hand wash the GLOV® Cleansing Cloth directly with GLOV® Magnet Cleanser Soap or another gentle soap.
  4. You can reuse it for 3-6 months and then send it to us, where it will be further processed thanks to our sustainability promise!

Best before

Best before: Use your GLOV® glove for up to 3 months. Clean it regularly with GLOV® Magnet Cleanser or another gentle soap.

Simply recycle it by sending it back to us!

For more information, read our Sustainability Promise.

Sustainability promise

Our goal is to make skin cleansing and makeup removal as sustainable and low-waste as possible. Our philosophy is very clear: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle". That's why we want to encourage our customers to send their used GLOV® fiber products back to us so that we can recycle them into...park benches! Thanks to our partnership with VIVE INNOVATION, we can use our Use used GLOV® textile products to make park benches. Last year, thanks to your help, we created several park benches on which many people make beautiful memories!


Glove: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide.

Scrubex: 60.3% bamboo viscose, 37.7% polyamide, 2% elastane.

Mask Remover: 100% poliester

Care: Hand wash with GLOV® Magnet Cleanser soap or another gentle soap. Avoid placing the glove on a radiator or drying it with a hairdryer. Air drying is best for the material.

Packaging options

Your products will come in their designated carton box and/or other decorative packaging elements. The order will be delivered in one of our ecommerce carton shipment boxes with a sustainable filling to secure your products.
Your products will come without additional carton box and/or other decorative packaging elements.The order will be delivered in our sustainably designed shipping envelope which is made of cornstarch and is fully biodegradable.


If you’re always On The Go (pun intended!) and often end up running out of your favorite skin- and haircare staples, subscribe your most-used GLOV products and receive them, conveniently delivered to your doorstep at a frequency of your own choice!Once you subscribe, we will automatically charge your payment card and ship the products so you don’t have to worry about anything else than keeping your skin as clear and healthy as possible :)
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