Traditional makeup removal vs. new makeup removal methods

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Long time ago in a land far, far away... a few words on traditional makeup removal methods.

Traditional makeup removal comprised of three steps. First of all, a precise eye makeup removal. Eye-shadow, eyeliner and mascara were removed with cleansing milk or dedicated eye cosmetics. Secondly, we washed our faces with a soap, milk or gel. Finally, we used toner to bring back proper pH, because traditional soap and cleansing gels often made the skin too oily and destroyed its natural protective layer.

What role did these cosmetics play?

Cleansing gel. Used solo in the past, now as a part of multi-staged face care. It mainly cleans the skin though some say that cleaning the skin and removing makeup are two separate things. First we should dissolve and gather cosmetics and SPF (with cloths, oils or milk) and then wash it off with a gel or soap. Face-cleaning soap. It used to have a bad reputation. Why? Even though it was great for washing off dirt and grease, it made the skin too deprived of its natural oil and by being alcaline by nature – it also changed the skin’s reaction. That is why using a toner afterwards was a must. Cleansing milk was used to remove all makeup, also from the eye area. It was usually chosen by women with dry, mature and sensitive skin. Milk is much gentler than gels or soaps, it doesn’t interfere with skin pH that much and it usually doesn’t irritate the skin. Not everybody likes its consistency though. In a traditional makeup removal, toner was a must. It’s main role was to bring back skin balance after using a gel or a soap and removing the makeup leftovers. Today, toner plays many different roles – it moisturises, cleanses and balances skin. It’s main role though is still keeping the proper skin pH. Only when the skin is acidic, it can protect itself from bacterias and is microbiologically balanced.

New makeup removal methods.

We bet you’re curious how makeup removal changed over the years and why? Nowadays, we are experiencing the eco and minimalism skincare trends, a great technology development, new research, new possibilities and new ingredients! Old methods are being used in new ways and we have new methods, never heard of before. Amazing range of possibilities. So let’s see what are the makeup removal novelties of our times!

Eyelash shampoo

It's a total novelty.In the past such a cosmetic was simply not needed. To remove eyeliner or mascara we used milk, two-phased liquid or an oil. Why aren’t they enough today? Because a lot of girls have eyelash extensions. And we don’t mean the plastic ones you can glue on your eyelid for a day (or night) – we mean the ones which stay for a month or even longer. Greasy, sticky and aggressive cosmetics can do more harm than good to eyelash extensions – they can even start peeling off. Eyelash shampoos are offered by a lot of brands, RevitaLash, Bubble or Noble Lashes as a few examples. However, beauty bloggers reveal that using shampoos and baby cleansing foams can be just as gentle and effective! They especially recommend the Johnson’s baby foam shampoo. If you don’t have eyelash extensions, you can calmly use other forms of makeup removal.

eyelash shampoo



This is really a flower water that is formed in a plant distillation process. You have surely heard of a hydrolate before, but we have to mention it as its value is great. First of all, they are natural. Secondly, they are quite cheap. And finally, we can choose from many options so we can easily match one to our skin needs. Plant hydrolates can be used in many ways – as an essence base, as a hair mask base, as a face mask thinner and so on. However, we will focus on their role as a toner, because that’s what they do – tone the skin.



How to match hydrolate to your skin type?

Have a look at the most popular ones.
Hamamelis hydrolate is valued by girls with oily skin because it has soothing and acne-healing qualities. It also has strong antioxidant quality so it slows down the ageing processes.
Will love the rose hydrolate! It moisturises and firms the skin. It is also hypoallergenic so sensitive skins will fall in love with it at first sight.
Roman chamomile hydrolate, and better yet – a helichrysum one – can really help skin with problematic capillaries. It is soothing, calming and acts as an intro to futher skincare.

Sonic brush

Sonic brushes are quite new, but they may already be becoming old news. What’s been gaining popularity recently are spatulas used in beauty salons for cavitation peeling – now available for use in your own bathroom. They don’t remove the makeup, but thanks to ultrasounds up to 30 000 Hz, they move the dirt out of the pores and clean them from excess oil, deep-set dirt and dead cells. Probably the most popular one is Foreo Luna. Sonic brushes are made of silicone and are layered with tiny insets that go deep into the pores to clean them of all the gathered dirt. Girls who use sonic brushes say their skin is well-cleaned and radiant.

sonic brush fore


Makeup removal glove GLOV

Waterproof, mineral, classic or silicone-based makeup – GLOV On-the-go, a washing glove made of microfiber, will take care of all of these. Its thin fibers (much thinner than your single hair!) are capable of penetrating oil films and of breaking oil surface tension, which bind makeup to the skin. And the best thing is – with GLOV, you don’t need any more cleansing cosmetics such as gel, foam, micellar water, peeling or toner! A true revolution!

rękawiczka do demakijażu glov on-the-go

Silicone sleeve with honeycomb structure

From Nurse Jamie for example. You put this sleeve on your hand and place your favourite cleansing gel or milk on it – thanks to its mesh structure made of silicone, skin is washed more accurately, exfoliated and cleansed deeper than with just the use of your fingers. The fabric itself is antibacterial and the washing cloth makes using the cleansing cosmetics more economical than ever.

silicone sleeve


Which one of these modern techniques do you use? Did we skip anything? Maybe you know other revolutional methods? Definitely let us know in the comments below.


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