How to choose a face-washing glove? We’re presenting 5 products – their advantages and disadvantages.

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WHAT’S IT MADE OF: root of an Asian plant called konjac ADVANTAGES: konjac sponge is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It’s eco-friendly and 100% natural. It washes and exfoliates your skin gently – and at the same time it doesn’t irritate it or make it extra dry. It’s great for sensitive skin. Massaging your face with the konjac sponge can be super pleasant and you can add it to your home SPA rituals for a low price. Konjac sponge can also be easily sterilized by putting into a pot filled with hot water. DISADVANTAGES: Can’t be used solo. It helps your makeup removal, but used with a cleansing product. Some girls complain about possible mold growth, so you should always remember to wash it properly and leave to dry in an airy place. It dries quite long. It has to be soaked in water for about 10 minutes before it can be used.



WHAT’S IT MADE OF: colourful silicone. It’s not electronic. It’s waterproof, durable and cheap. ADVANTAGES: Main advantage of these manual washing gloves is their accuracy in cleaning skin pores. However, they can’t be used solo, but always with a cleansing product e.g. cleansing gel or milk. Remember to start using it on a previously soaked face. Everyday makeup removal or face-washing with a silicone glove is a massage at the same time. It can strenghten and thicken your skin, which will help hide the vascular skin problems. It also has exfoliating powers. DISADVANTAGES: the glove will do no good to skin suffering from acne – it could irritate it and spread bacteria all over the face. It also won’t be suitable for sensitive skin. Even those more resistant ones can become more sensitive and irritated after a few days – even up to a point, where sponge usage won’t be possible at all! To stay hygienic, before you use it again, wash it with a disinfectant liquid.

szczoteczka silikonowa do twarzy



WHAT’S IT MADE OF: a cocoon really means… a cocoon. No kidding! It consists of amino acids: fibroin and sericin. Fibroin moisturises and smoothes the skin, it is also a part of many moisturising face and neck masks. Sericin is also called the liquid silk. In the cocoon it is a kind of a glue for the silk threads, which cover the caterpillar, soon to be changed into a moth. It is also used as a smoothing ingredient in hair products such as creams and masks. ADVANTAGES: it can be used by people with very sensitive skin. The cocoons moisturise, smooth and gently exfoliate leaving the skin with a pleasant, thin layer so that putting on a night face cream becomes unnecessary. They are natural and have no additional chemical substances. Thanks to parts they’re made of, they help regenerate the skin and remove the acne discolorations. DISADVANTAGES: For real though - this is not a product for vegans. Silkworms are moths, and cocoons are built by caterpillars for the purpose of transformation. So, it is an ecological care but not 100% cruelty free! In theory, it could be used a couple of times, but in real life it means the same as using a cotton pad more than once. It also is more of a slow process because the cocoon has to be soaked in water for 10 minutes before it can be used. And finally – the cocoon can’t be used for makeup removal! Before you use it as a washing glove, you have to remove your make up, wet the skin with the water the cocoon was soaked in, put the cocoon on your finger and massage your face. Then, again wash the face with the same water and you’re good to go. So, as you can see it’s more of a beauty ritual which can be sometimes added as part of your evening routine rather than an everyday thing.


WHAT’S IT MADE OF: muslin is the name of a fabric, usually cotton, silk or woollen. In the topic of face care we speak mostly about cotton muslin. ADVANTAGES: it will do wonders to a congested skin with clogged pores or a callous epidermis. It is multi-purpose – will work fine with makeup removal creams, pastes, powders, gels and milk ( It easily reaches hidden parts of the face, such as nose wings. It exfoliates, removes face masks and eliminates the need to use cotton pads. This little helper is for multiple use and is quite cheap – the cheapest muslin cloths can be found for 5 zlotys at You usually should test at least a few brands before you decide which weave is best for you as some may be too irritating or… too gentle. But when you find Mr. Right – your skin will be smooth and radiant. DISADVANTAGES: just as in the case of mechanical peels, muslin cloths can’t be used with acne-prone skin because it may spread the bacteria all over the face. It is not suitable for people with vascular skin. I can’t be used solo, only with additional cleansing products.

muślinowa ściereczka do twarzy



WHAT’S IT MADE OF: microfiber made of polyester ADVANTAGES: You can match the glove to your skin type without worrying that it might irritate you. Dry skins will love GLOV Dry skin, which is super nice and removes the makeup while caressing your skin at the same time. Oily skin has more exfoliating qualities and will take cafe of all the sebum. If you have a normal skin, go ahead and choose GLOV Comfort. GLOV is super light and easy to pack – it will prove great at home, while travelling, at the gym, at a hospital, at a festival or in your handbag when you have a sleepover. The glove not only washes your skin, but also removes your makeup absorbing it inside its fibers. Even if you’re allergic, have sensitive skin and eyes or you wear contact lenses – be sure that you can use GLOV. Every day, even up to three months. DISADVANTAGES: just as any other washing glove, always remember to clean GLOV after every use and dry it in an airy place. Those of us who like the Korean, many-staged type of face care which lasts quite long, might not like the glove. When you use GLOV, you don’t need a peeling, a toner, face gel or micellar water – and the whole makeup removal routine will only last 3 minutes.

rękawiczka do demakijażu glov on-the-go

So, which option is your absolute best? Which one will you choose?


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