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The GLOV® satin sleeping cap protects curly hair at night, preventing it from rubbing, breaking, letting go and creasing.Thanks to the properties of satin, which is a smooth and breathable material, the GLOV® satin cap does not dry out the hair and protects it from the harmful friction that occurs involuntarily when we move during sleep.

The elegant design of the GLOV® satin sleep cap will add charm to your nighttime routine, and its comfortable cut will keep your beautiful curls in place.The GLOV® satin sleeping cap is perfect to wear over COOLCURL™, giving you the most durable, silky curl possible.The cap expands enough to cover even thick, long hair wrapped on the innovative COOLCURL™ heat-free curling iron.

How to use?

  1. Bend at the waist so that all the hair falls to the ground.
  2. Place the back of the cap on the nape of your neck and tuck your hair into the cap so that it drapes over the top of your head like an accordion.
  3. Pull the front part of the cap over your forehead and make sure all strands of hair are under it.

Why is it worth using the GLOV® Satin Sleeping Bonnet?

  • Minimizes harmful friction during sleep
  • Prevent frizz, tangling and breakage during the night
  • Keeps curls hydrated and healthy!
  • Polish product, Polish brand

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If you’re always On The Go (pun intended!) and often end up running out of your favorite skin- and haircare staples, subscribe your most-used GLOV products and receive them, conveniently delivered to your doorstep at a frequency of your own choice!Once you subscribe, we will automatically charge your payment card and ship the products so you don’t have to worry about anything else than keeping your skin as clear and healthy as possible :)
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Why will you love GLOV?

Reduce expenses and waste production!

Monthly, we use even over 150 cosmetic pads for make-up removal alone! This means that you use as many as 1,800 of them a year. When choosing GLOV, you only need 4 gloves for removing makeup and water!

Choose effective face cleansing without chemicals!

Do you know why, our On-The-Go makeup removal gloves have already taken over 70 global markets by storm? This is thanks to specially developed microfibers. Their tips are star-shaped, 30 times thinner than cotton fiber and 100 times thinner than a human hair. Thanks to this, when you wet them, they attract make-up particles like a magnet and thoroughly cleanse the face.

Unleash creativity, reuse and take care of nature!

You can use the GLOV On-The-Go make-up removal glove every day for up to three months. And when it loses its properties, you can use it in a different way, e.g. to clean the computer screen or smartphone, giving it a new life.

Hand over used gloves for recycling

What to do when the makeup removal glove wears out? It's best to give it to us! Leave used GLOV products in a special box in one of the Sephora stores or send them to our address. We'll take care of the rest!