Makeup removal gloves – how to choose the right one for your skin type?

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Always buy gloves or cloths specified for cosmetic use! Your face is not a dinner table! In this article we will be talking only about our products. Why? Because gloves differ and we can’t be responsible for other brands. We shiver when we think about cleansing the face with microfiber cloths. Wait, what?! Exactly, makeup removal gloves are usually made of microfiber, but those which are dermatologically tested and made for the purposes of face care! That is why, microfiber pads, cloths or gloves are so gentle that you can even use them to remove your eye makeup – while still wearing your contact lenses. The ones dermatologically certified are not soaked in any chemical subtances which purpose is to clean the furniture. But, are makeup removal gloves suitable for every skin type? In GLOV they are! We have prepared three types of microfiber, each one with different qualities – especially for the needs of different skin types. DRY SKIN Its stratum corneum is thin, the skin easily discolourates, dilated blood vessels can be easily seen. Dry skin ages the fastest from all skin types which is why it has to be treated extremely gently. Rubbing and scrubbing, cleansing gels and alcoholic toners are out of the question. Dry skin prefers cleansing milks and gentle toners and it will like a glove designed especially for it. The most important thing is for the makeup removal proccess to be delicate. Dry skin has problems with moisturising itself – that is why we just can’t damage its protective layer. DRY SKIN MAKEUP REMOVAL GLOVE This glove is dedicated not only to dry skin, but also mature one and easily irritated one. From outside, it looks like a fluffy mascot, has long and silky smooth hairs. It has the least peeling qualities from all the GLOV products so if you avoid mechanical stimulation of the skin, it will be perfect for you. Thanks to the unique microfiber, skin remains unirritated and the hydrolipidic layer – untouched. The delicate eye area makeup removal will be effective and super gentle. You don’t have to follow it with a toner. All you need, is a face cream.

makeup remover glove GLOV Dry Skin

OILY SKIN Oily skin – what does it mean exactly? Usually, oily skin is thicker than other skin types and you won’t find too many broken blood vessels in it. However, it has wider skin pores and excessive sebum production. You may not know this, but weather conditions such as frost, sun or wind do not harm your skin! If you have it then you know that inner factors have the biggest impact on the state of your skin. You have to get enough sleep, manage stress, aid your nervous system and take care of your digestive system. Your skin tolerates well various soaps and gels, but you should pay special attention to keeping proper pH and hydrolipidic layer intact. Taking too much sebum off your face will effect in even more sebum production which can even lead to acne or skin dehydration. Tasks that are ahead of you are stratum corneum thickness control and skin blood circulation improvement. OILY SKIN MAKEUP REMOVAL GLOVE Though it won’t make you go to sleep before midnight and won’t force to be fit – this glove will definitely help you with skin care. You need exfoliation, skin blood circulation improvement and alcohol-free, proper cleansing which won’t change your skin pH. This oily skin makeup removal glove washes the sebum off your face and has the best exfoliating qualities of all the GLOV products. Its fibers are designed to scrub the stratum corneum, deeply clean the skin pores, improve microcirculation and leave the skin mat. Fortunately, the GLOV technology leaves both pH and hydrolipicic layer intact, which we checked via lab tests.

NORMAL SKIN Lucky you! Normal skin is like winning the face care lottery! You don’t need to do much for it to look good. You don’t have pore problems, your skin won’t become too corneus, blood vessels aren’t too fragile, sebum stays under control and you don’t have to worry about premature ageing. All you have to do… is not damage it! Treat your skin with gentle care, don’t over-feed it with face creams and don’t over-dry it with harsh washing. The all skin types makeup removal glove is dedicated to you. ALL SKIN TYPES MAKEUP REMOVAL GLOVE By „all types“ we mostly mean „normal skin“. But we also mean that this glove will do no harm to dry or oily skin. However, we recommend to pick a washing glove made specially to your skin type needs so you know it always plays in your team. This versatile glove has shorter hairs than the one for dry skin and has less exfoliating powers than the one for oily skin. Choose this one if you’re only starting your fun with makeup removal gloves and you’re not sure what exactly are the needs of your skin.

So, what is your favourite makeup removal method? What is your skin type? Do you manage to control its natural tendencies? We’re waiting for your stories!


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