Makeup removal by celebrities - check out tricks practiced by the biggest stars

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Kristen Bell

This actress has quite an unusual face care routine. Her skin is dry and super sensitive so she doesn’t wash it in the morning to not damage its protective layer. Kristen only washes her face in the evening, while she’s in the shower. Her secret ritual is putting a pre-heated or soaked in hot water towel on her face. According to Kristen, this 20-second ritual helps dissolve the pore grease and lets it moist her face during the night. We’re not entirely sure if hot towel compress is the best choice for a sensitive and dry skin – but her radiant skin seems to prove us wrong.
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Hilary Duff

She loves to spoil her skin with makeup removal oils and it’s the way she chooses to remove her makeup. The singer puts great importance on makeup removal and says there hasn’t been one night when she forgot about it. Her favourite product is Polish by Lancer, which consists of minerals and enzymes – gently scrubs the skin and is very effective when it comes to fighting off dry patches.

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January Jones

The star of the X-Men series and hit TV show, Mad Men, seems to be a fan of multi-staged, Korean style skin-cleansing. She likes minimalism. She washes her face with Avene products and then applies Sisley toner. The actress says that when it comes to face care, she chooses creams over cleansing products.

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Naomie Harris

She motivates her friends to remove their makeup regularly and is very strict about this! It could be the end of the world, but the star would still find time for a full makeup removal. She washes her face with cosmetics, afterwards she puts on toner and moisturising face cream. ALWAYS. Harris claims that foundations and other cosmetics go deeply into the pores – because of the high temperature on the set, caused by all the lamps. That is why, makeup removal is so important to her.

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Monica Potter

She chooses a cheap and ecological way – she cleans her face with coconut oil. However, she doesn’t recommend it to girls with acne and oily skin. We could even say that Monica combines coconut oil makeup removal ( with the OCM method. First, she puts the oil on the face and massages carefully, then she puts on a cloth soaked in essential oils like lavender or mint. She says that her way helps unblock all the pores.

monica potter


Kim Kardashian West

You’re curious what could the contour and heavy foundation queen, Kim Kardashain West, be using to remove her makeup? Some time ago, she didn’t care if she slept with her makeup on or off. Today, she treats the case very seriously. She removes her makeup with wet wipes, without using any water. She uses them to remove all her makeup, even heavy eyemakeup. But that’s only the step one. Step two is a rose cleansing gel by Terry Purete which costs… „only” 67 dollars!

kim kardashian west

Jamie King

She is in total opposition to Kim’s method – she thinks that rubbing the face, especially in the eye area, causes premature wrinkage and damages the state of eyelashes. While washing her face, Jaime gently rubs moist eyelashes. She also thinks that massaging the eyelids while face-washing is a fantastic alternative to classic makeup removal methods. So she doesn’t use cotton pads or cloths, because she doesn’t want too many wrinkles too early. We think somebody should tell Jaimie about GLOV ;)

jaime king


Dita von Teese

Once, she even encouraged us to put on red lipstick for yoga classes. Burlesque star loves MAC cosmetics. She removes her makeup with MAC Cleanse Off oil. And we all know Dita knows how to remove heavy, stage makeup. She also uses this oil to remove fake eyelashes and eye makeup. She claims it consists of emollients capable of dissolving all makeup, even eyelash glue, without rubbing the eyes.

duta von teese


Jennifer Aniston

Some makeup removal tricks used by stars won’t be useful in the spotlight-free world. Example? Jennifer Aniston uses Aveeno, a peeling for everyday use. This soap-free and oil-free peeling cleans the skin and pores deeply which used to be a problem for the actress – heavy makeup would block her pores. Super deep skin cleansing every night won’t be good for girls with sensitive skin or those, who use very little makeup and mineral cosmetics.

jennifer aniston


Katy Perry

She used to be sceptical about the face-cleansing method called the OCM, but since Madonna’s own makeup artist advised she should try it (because Madonna does it as well), Perry went on board. Today, it’s her favourite makeup removal method.

katy perry


Nicole Richie

Her approach might surprise you – she has little to say about makeup removal because she rarely puts on makeup. As she explains, she has very sensitive skin and can easily get pimples. Warm inside air mixed with foundation can block the pores, so Nicole chooses to leave her skin makeup-free. As she says – the skin needs to breathe.

nicole richie


It’s worth to remember that each of us needs something different for our skin. There are different ways to take care of the skin for girls who sit a lot in front of a computer or spend time in air-conditioned spaces, those who travel or those who are models and actresses, whose job requires very heavy makeup on a daily basis. However, regardless the profession, makeup removal should be as equally important to all of us – because a clean skin is a healthy skin which looks good both with and without makeup. If you’d like to find out other interesting makeup removal tips, have a look at our articles about eco makeup removal ( and find out ways for an effective makeup removal ( And what do you think? Which celebrity has the most radiant, most healthy looking skin? We’re very curious


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