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Smoothing and moisturizing lip butter GLOV Lip Harmony

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First aid for chapped lips. Smoothing and moisturizing Lip Harmony butter will help even the most chapped lips. Soon you will convert SOS signal to juicy XOXO!

How do we know this?

  • All thanks to BioRetinol, a plant raw material with a retinol-like effect. Lips are instantly smoothed, moisturized and toned. In addition, it works anti-aging - it smoothes mimic wrinkles and oxygenates the lips. Vitamin E helps him in this, which additionally inhibits radical oxidation of lipids.
  • Lipex L’sens is a vegan alternative to lanolin. It gives lips a wonderful softness and a delicate shine without the feeling of stickiness. This is especially useful in the era of wearing masks!
  • Squalane is an ingredient that protects the lips against water loss. It restores their proper level of hydration and elasticity. Because your mouth is thirsty too!
  • The butter leaves no color on the lips, so it is perfect as a base for lipstick or lipstick. The appropriate consistency of the balm makes it easy to spread.
    • The divine scent of mango will take you to hot regions with your thoughts. Canaries? California? We dreamed up!

The butter has a compact, handy size, so you can always have it with you (we recommend having several pieces - one for each bag). The capacity of the product is 15 ml.

Packaging options

Wariant z opakowaniem
Produkty z zamówienia otrzymam zapakowane w tradycyjne opakowania oraz obwoluty. Paczka z produktami zostanie wysłana w kartonowym pudełku z ekologicznym wypełnieniem.
Wariant ekologiczny
Zamówione produkty będą bez opakowań zewnętrznych oraz obwolut, owinięte w ekologiczny pergamin. Zamówienie zostanie wysłane w specjalnej biodegradowalnej kopercie ze skrobi.


Nie masz po drodze do sklepu po nowe akcesoria, a może słaba pamięć nie pomaga w robieniu zapasów? 🙂 Wychodzimy Ci naprzeciw i proponujemy subskrypcję wybranych przez Ciebie artykułów, zgodnie z Twoimi potrzebami. Pierwsze zamówienie cykliczne wysyłamy od razu po zaksięgowaniu wpłaty – też nie lubimy czekać 🙂 Kolejna dobra wiadomość dla zapominalskich: nie musisz pamiętać o robieniu regularnych przelewów. W dniu wysyłki automatycznie pobierzemy należną kwotę z Twojego konta! Po prostu podaj nam numer karty przy pierwszym zamówieniu, a my staniemy się Twoim kosmetycznym Netflixem :)
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You will fall in love with it if ...

Are you looking for a long-lasting moisturizing and nourishing product.
You want to regenerate dry and chapped lips.
You like the effect of shiny lips, with a subtly emphasized natural color.
You appreciate vegan products.

How to use lip butter?

Apply the butter on your lips. Perform a gentle massage, especially in areas that require regeneration and in the area around the mouth. Use several times a day.

Action confirmed by research

100% of the respondents

confirms that the product smoothes the lips.

97% of the respondents

confirmed that the product soothes chapped lips.

100% of the respondents

confirmed that the product moisturizes the lips

Why you will love GLOV cosmetics?

Full skin care

After the revolution in removing makeup and cleansing the face, the time has come for comprehensive care with GLOV. Our innovative cosmetics combine a passion for the environment and technologies that enable sustainable production. The new line includes three products: day and night cream for all skin types, hair mask and lip butter.

In harmony with nature. In tune with science

Carefully selected, natural raw materials and extremely effective active ingredients - this is the essence of the new GLOV cosmetics. Cosmetics that were created to meet the needs of a modern, active woman who wants to live in harmony with herself and nature.

Safe for you and the environment

Our face cream and lip butter are VIVA certified, which is awarded to vegetarian and vegan cosmetics, and in addition, all products in the line have the international Cruelty Free certificate.

Unique active ingredients

The GLOV line of cosmetics is rich in natural ingredients (93-97%), and their exceptional performance is due to, among others, phytoendorphs, which delay skin aging processes. In addition, you will find kerestore 2.0, which is responsible for long-lasting hair conditioning and detangling, as well as bioretinol, which reduces lines and fine wrinkles around and on the lips, as well as smoothes and firms them.