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Set for applying the self-tanner and caring for tanned skin GLOV Perfect Tan

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The GLOV Perfect Tan set includes two gloves - GLOV Tan Away and GLOV Tan Mitt, thanks to which the application of self-tanning products will be simple and quick, and most importantly - without unnecessary streaks and stains! The GLOV Tan Away body peeling glove will help you get rid of dead epidermis, smooth the skin before applying the self-tanner, and also facilitate the removal of a few days' marbled tan. GLOV Tan Mitt is a glove for applying self-tanning products, thanks to which you can easily and quickly apply your favorite cosmetic. Suitable for foam, spray and lotion products. The glove adapts perfectly to the hand, does not slip off, and therefore protects the hands and nails from getting dirty. GLOV Tan Mitt does not absorb the product, ensures its minimum consumption.

Composition and maintenance

GLOV Tan Away glove - 83% bamboo viscose, 17% polyester. Handwash. GLOV

Tan Mitt glove - 100% polyester. Handwash.

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