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Biodegradable GLOV Natural Cleansing Pads

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In addition, the products are great for washing off face masks, and their rough surface perfectly removes even dried clay masks! The use of the product is in line with the Less Waste concept and allows you to reduce the consumption of disposable cotton swabs, which has a positive impact on the environment.


Can they be used to remove makeup?

Yes. They effectively cleanse the face, remove make-up, masks and have peeling properties.

What kind of waste is it?

They are 100% biodegradable.

What material is it?

100% cellulose.

How to clean them?

They have to be cleaned by hand with a gray bar of soap or our Magnet Cleanser.

How long can one pad be used?

We recommend replacing it with a new one after about 2 weeks of daily use.

Composition and maintenance

100% viscose. Handwash.

Packaging options

Your products will come in their designated carton box and/or other decorative packaging elements. The order will be delivered in one of our ecommerce carton shipment boxes with a sustainable filling to secure your products.
Your products will come without additional carton box and/or other decorative packaging elements.The order will be delivered in our sustainably designed shipping envelope which is made of cornstarch and is fully biodegradable.


If you’re always On The Go (pun intended!) and often end up running out of your favorite skin- and haircare staples, subscribe your most-used GLOV products and receive them, conveniently delivered to your doorstep at a frequency of your own choice!Once you subscribe, we will automatically charge your payment card and ship the products so you don’t have to worry about anything else than keeping your skin as clear and healthy as possible :)
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You will fall in love with it if ...

You value ecological solutions.
You like multi-stage, careful face care.
You like reusable less waste products.
You want to do face care only with water.

Why will you love the GLOV pads?

Reduce expenses and waste production.

Monthly, to remove makeup alone, you use up to 150 cosmetic pads, which is 1,800 of them per year! When choosing GLOV, you only need 4 gloves for removing make-up and water. A big saving for the planet and your wallet, right?

Choose effective facial cleansing without chemicals

Do you know why our facial cleansing gloves have already stormed over 70 markets worldwide? It is thanks to specially developed microfibers. Their tips are star-shaped and 30 times thinner than a cotton fiber and 100 times thinner than a human hair. As a result, when you wet them, they attract makeup particles like a magnet and thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face.

Unleash creativity, reuse and take care of nature

You can use the cleaning glove daily for up to 3 months. When it loses its properties, you can use it in a different way - to clean the screen of a computer or smartphone. In this way, you give it new life.

Recycle used products

What to do when the care accessories wear out? It's best to pass them on to us! Send used GLOV products to our address and we will take care of the rest! We recycle the products and give them ... a third life!..