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MINI Anti-Frizz Satin Hair Bonnet GLOV®

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The GLOV® MINI Anti-Frizz Satin Hair Bonnet combines essential hair care benefits into one product, emphasizing the importance of protecting hair overnight. By reducing friction, it not only preserves hairstyles but also enhances hair health. Its design and material offer specialized care tailored to keeping hair moisturized, defined, and free from common damage.

Why do you need an Anti-Frizz Satin Hair Bonnet?



  • Protects hair from friction during the night.
  • Prevents dryness, breakage and frizz.
  • Maintains your curls defined and hydrated.
  • Adds a luxurious feel to your night-time routine.


The benefits of using the GLOV® Anti-Frizz Satin Hair Bonnet


  • Wake up to defined and healthy curls, thanks to reduced friction during night-time.
  • Say goodbye to tangled hair and split ends.
  • Enjoy the delicate properties of high-quality satin.
  • Accommodate even long hair in this one-size-fits-all hair cap.

How to use

Use only on dry hair!

  1. Lower your head down to gather your hair into a bonnet.
  2. Hold the bonnet open with your hands and place the backside at the nape of your neck.
  3. Flip your head into its normal, upright position, pull the bonnet down so it sits on your head securely and tuck in any remaining hair strands.

Disclaimer: Machine wash the bonnet at 30 degrees Celsius before first use with clothes of a similar color. The strong color-versions may otherwise transfer to bedding.


100% poliester

Sizing: made as one-size-fits-most


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Si vous êtes toujours en déplacement (jeu de mots!) Et que vous finissez souvent par manquer de vos agrafes de peau et de soins capillaires préférées, abonnez-vous vos produits GLOV les plus utilisés et recevez-les, livrés à votre porte à votre porte à votre porte Choix! Une fois que vous vous êtes abonné, nous facturerons automatiquement votre carte de paiement et expédierons les produits afin que vous n'ayez pas à vous soucier de autre chose que de garder votre peau aussi claire et saine que possible :)
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Why will you love GLOV ?

Reduce expenses and waste production

Monthly, to remove makeup alone, you use up to 150 cosmetic pads, which is 1,800 of them per year! When choosing GLOV, you only need 4 gloves for removing make-up and water. A big saving for the planet and your wallet, right?

Choose effective facial cleansing without chemicals

Do you know why our facial cleansing gloves have already stormed over 70 markets worldwide? It is thanks to specially developed microfibers. Their tips are star-shaped and 30 times thinner than a cotton fiber and 100 times thinner than a human hair. As a result, when you wet them, they attract makeup particles like a magnet and thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face.

Unleash creativity, reuse and take care of nature

You can use the cleaning glove daily for up to 3 months. When it loses its properties, you can use it in a different way, e.g. to clean the screen of a computer or smartphone. In this way, you give it new life.

Recycle used gloves

What to do when the makeup remover is worn out? It's best to pass it on to us! Send them to our address. We'll do the rest! We will recycle the microfibers and give them... a third life!