Scrunchies hair bands Barbie™ ❤ GLOV®

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Hair scrunchies made from high-quality fabric. They provide gentle hold without damaging your hair. Its versatility allows for quick and easy styling, while its trendy designs add a touch of flair to any outt. Experience comfort, style, and protection with our must-have Scrunchies.

Erasers available in sets:

GLOV Scrunchies Cotton - elastics are made of soft cotton. When you buy this set, you get 3 pieces.

GLOV Scrunchies Silk - elastics are made of delicate and elegant satin. The set consists of 3 terry cloths and is available in 2 colors - blue and pink.

GLOV Scrunchies Safari - erasers available in an ultra-fashionable animal print. By choosing this set you get two pieces.


What material are the rubber bands made of?

There are 4 sets available - two made of satin, one made of cotton and one made of soft plush.

Can they be machine washed?

We clean them only by hand.

Can you buy any mix of colors?

No. Available in 4 versions. Satine Blue, Satine Pink, Cotton.

Are they suitable for fine hair?




Scrunchies Safari - 100% velor

Scrunchies Satine Pink and Blue - 100% polyester

Scrunchies Cotton - 100% cotton

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How to use GLOV Scrunchies Head Bands ?

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