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Self-tanning glove GLOV Tan Mitt

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GLOV Tan Mitt is a glove for applying self-tanning products, thanks to which you can easily and quickly apply your favorite cosmetic, and most importantly without streaks, stains and discoloration on the body!The glove adapts perfectly to the hand, does not slip off, thanks to which it protects the hands and nails from dirt.GLOV Tan Mitt does not absorb the product, ensures its minimum consumption.The velvety, delicate structure of the glove will make the application of the self-tanner a pleasant, home SPA ritual!The inside of the glove has been provided with an additional protective layer, thanks to which the cosmetic does not penetrate into the material, protecting the hands and nails from getting dirty.The glove is reversible - perfect for both right and left-handed people.


What material is the glove made of?

100% polyester

How to clean it?

The product should be washed by hand with soapy water.

How long can you use it?

As long as she applies bronzing products to the skin well.

Composition and maintenance

100% polyester. Handwash.

Packaging options

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You will fall in love with it if ..

You want to enjoy a flawless tan all year round.
Your self-tanner leaves unsightly streaks.
You want to avoid the "zebra effect" after applying the self-tanner.
You don't want to get your hands and nails dirty with each self-tanner application.

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