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Precious Set

Glov’s bestsellers are now all available in one set! A set featuring four products, which can be reusable up to 6 months. Perfect gift idea for your beloved one or... just a gift for your precious skin!

Glov quick treat – was designed to smoothly correct your make up when you really need it. This small and handy glov will fit in every purse! Forget about smudgy mascara or lipstick mark!

Glov quick treat is only 3 inches long... Perfect for even the tiniest pouch! With glov on-the-go you can easily remove all makeup using only water. Designed to meet the needs of the contemporary women. It performs great as a travelling accessory or as a secret ally in your daily routine.

Comfort yourself! 4 corners system performs wonders with strong makeup. Its bigger surface allows for a greater reach around the eye, face and neck area. Glov travel-friendly

Magnet cleansers provide exceptional cleansing results for glov ultra fine fibers and make up brushes.

Ingredients: >30% soap, 5-15% non-ionic surfactants, perfumes [citral] 

Glov intruduces new packaging standard - have you favourite glov always with you in our new waterproof and durable zip-bag