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About us

Meet Monika and Ewa
This is their adventure with GLOV

Founded in 2011, GLOV was created as the antithesis to the traditional makeup remover. With patented micro-fiber technology, it gently removes makeup with just water making for a quick and relaxing routine that leaves skin glowing and clean. Eliminating toxins from the process entirely, the GLOV micro-fiber technology removes makeup like a magnet when wet. The unique micro-fibers are one hundred times thinner than a human hair, and shaped like a star to grab and remove makeup without damaging skin.

“I was inspired to create GLOV after facing difficulties removing my own makeup. I knew there must have been more women who were facing this same struggle. Thus, GLOV was born from a need in the industry, it’s a complete white space” said Co-founder and CEO, Monika Zochowska.

Hypoallergenic, and dermatologically tested, the GLOV micro-fibers are safe and gentle on all skin types. As the ultimate multitasker, GLOV exfoliates, cleanses, and tones skin while removing makeup and is reusable for up to three months, eliminating waste and virtually every product from any night time routine.

Now Phenicoptere is an industry leader with products available in over 50 countries worldwide. After years of thorough testing and research, Phenicoptere has revolutionized the makeup removal process with one-of-a-kind micro-fiber technology, utilized in its signature line of GLOV products. All products are developed and manufactured in Poland for ensured quality control and monitoring.