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GLOV On-the-go Very Berry

GLOV On-the-go makes your life much easier - whenever you need to look glamorous or simply cleanse your skin. Designed to meet the needs of contemporary the woman, it performs great as a travelling accessory or as a secret ally in your daily routine. Take your GLOV On-the-go anywhere you go, experience the benefits of the latest solutions. All you need is water and your GLOV on-the-go.

Do you know which colours are considered to be the most beautiful and most feminine? Which of them can be regularly admired on the catwalks and appear in the makeup trends? Yes, you are right, these are pastel colours!

The purple that makes you think of heather or bilberries (the Very Berry colour) will make a beautiful feature in every bathroom while perfectly reflecting the functional qualities of GLOV make-up removing gloves with just water.

If you have not tried this innovative make-up removing method yet, and you dream of a breath of fresh air in your daily body care rituals – take the opportunity and buy the glove in the new colour line.