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GLOV Kids Happy Cleaning Set


Is there any chance that baby wipes or cotton balls are prettier than fluy, soft and efective bunnies? American studies say nothing about that...

Happy cleaning set for Mum and Kid – double pack!

Take GLOV KIDS with you to the restaurant, car, train, plane, kinder party or use in the kitchen! It is really small and will save you loads of troubles. Promise!

Muuuum, my eyes sting and ache! – no one said ever while using GLOV. Hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and gentle for your eyes. This is how we roll!

Fluy, soft and absorbing fibres leave your skin cleansed and your mind comforted. No rubbing! Just pleasure and joy!

Kid can act like mum and wash itself with babyglov while mummy is using a big one – perfect education tool that looks like a cute bunny!

GLOV KIDS is so quick and eective that it complicates a lot. We noted that usage of GLOV gives you lot of spare time and power to read the book or drink some tea, although we trust you’ll get over it somehow.

GLOV is hypoallergenic, dermatological tested and safe even for very sensitive kid’s skin. Just add water. No additional chemicals.

Removes stains and dirt without rubbing and irritating skin.