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GLOV Dry Skin

GLOV Dry Skin was designed especially for dry skin. Made of amazingly soft fibre, it feels almost like silk. GLOV Dry Skin smoothly glides over your skin, cleansing it from all kinds of impurities. The product will remove all your makeup, including most waterproof cosmetics.

Do you like the idea of removing makeup with just water but fear that this might not be the best option for your skin? Perhaps your skin is dry or sensitive and gets easily irritated. No wonder that you worry how it will take a new product.

Phenicoptere, the creator of GLOV letting you remove makeup with just water, has kept the special needs of dry skin in mind and developed the GLOV Expert Line featuring two brand new products for demanding skin types.

Dry skin requires special protection. For this reason, GLOV Dry Skin does not have exfoliating properties. It removes makeup in a natural and delicate way, reducing the risk of irritation that many cosmetics cause.

If you dream of a makeup removing product that will embrace your skin like a silk scarf, try GLOV Dry Skin now. Take your beauty routine to the next level and see for yourself and how grateful your sensitive skin will be.