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The GLOV brand presents the Less Waste Thermal Bottle, thanks to which you can always have your favorite drink with you, and at the same time not have a negative impact on the environment by purchasing a drink in disposable, plastic bottles. The product has thermal properties, so you can count on a sip of a warm drink during cold days and refreshment during hot days. The thermo bottle will become your best friend in the fall and winter season. Brew your favorite tea in it, be coffee and enjoy a hot drink wherever you are! The interior is made of stainless steel and does not change the taste.

The thermal bottle is perfect for everyday use at home, on the road or at the gym. The universal shape allows the product to be placed in the holder on a bicycle or in a car. Thanks to the silicone seal and solid closure, you don't have to worry that your favorite drink will leak out of the bottle. Less Waste The Thermo Bottle is very durable and will become your must-have for a long time, thanks to which it is in line with the Less Waste philosophy.

How to use GLOV® thermos bottle?

Before first use, wash the bottle by hand. Fill it with your favorite drink. After drinking the drink, wash the bottle with water or water with a little washing-up liquid. Leave it to dry. Use again!

What is it made of?

Made of 100% stainless steel.

What is the capacity?

Capacity: 500 ml.

Can you wash it in the dishwasher?

The product should only be washed by hand.

Can you heat it in a microwave?

Do not heat in a microwave.

Packaging options

Your products will come in their designated carton box and/or other decorative packaging elements. The order will be delivered in one of our ecommerce carton shipment boxes with a sustainable filling to secure your products.
Your products will come without additional carton box and/or other decorative packaging elements.The order will be delivered in our sustainably designed shipping envelope which is made of cornstarch and is fully biodegradable.


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Why you will love GLOV accessories?

Not only ecological care

At GLOV, we believe that you can be eco in many aspects of your life. With reusable facial cleansing products, we have opened the door to changing women's habits around the world and we do not want to stop there, so we introduced a line of less waste accessories.

Little change, big effect

Thanks to our ecological products, you can opt out of using, among others disposable plastic bottles and straws, which are the cause of bad natural environment.

Beautiful design

Caring for the environment is important to you, but you do not want to give up fashion? You couldn't have hit better. Our #lesswaste products are made of ecological materials in a colorful and aesthetic edition.

Recycle used gloves

What to do when the makeup remover is worn out? It's best to pass it on to us! Leave used GLOV products in a special box in one of SEPHORY's stores or send them to our address. We'll do the rest! We will surrender the microfibers