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Reusable drinking straw GLOV Less Waste

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The GLOV brand presents the foldable GLOV Less Waste Straw, made of the highest quality steel suitable for contact with food, with a flexible cleaner and a pouch. The reusable GLOV Less Waste Straw is completely neutral to the taste, and is also suitable for use with both hot and cold drinks. Perfect for everyday use at home, on the road, in a restaurant or at a bar. The straw comes with a flexible cleaner which, when rolled up, fits into the enclosed case. The straw storage case is made of biodegradable materials.


How to use a reusable straw?

1. Open the package and take out the straw, it will automatically fold.

2. After drinking the drink, rinse the straw with the attached brush and clean water or washing-up liquid.

3. Dry the straw .

4. Fold and store for reuse.

What are the dimensions of the straw?

Box dimensions - 3.3x2.7x7.3 cm, straw length - 23 cm.

What is the straw made of?

Straw: Steel, silicone, case: bioplastic, which is mainly made of plants. It breaks down easier and is safer for the environment.

Packaging options

Your products will come in their designated carton box and/or other decorative packaging elements. The order will be delivered in one of our ecommerce carton shipment boxes with a sustainable filling to secure your products.
Your products will come without additional carton box and/or other decorative packaging elements.The order will be delivered in our sustainably designed shipping envelope which is made of cornstarch and is fully biodegradable.


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Why you will love GLOV accessories?

Not only ecological care

At GLOV, we believe that you can be eco in many aspects of your life. With reusable facial cleansing products, we have opened the door to changing women's habits around the world and we do not want to stop there, so we introduced a line of less waste accessories.

Little change, big effect

Thanks to our ecological products, you can opt out of using, among others disposable plastic bottles and straws, which are the cause of bad natural environment.

Beautiful design

Caring for the environment is important to you, but you do not want to give up fashion? You couldn't have hit better. Our #lesswaste products are made of ecological materials in a colorful and aesthetic version.

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