GLOV® Spider COOLCURLTM multi-rod heatless hair curling tool with memory foam

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The optimized design of the Spider COOLCURLTM allows you to easily wrap your hair around the rods by parting them in two four sections. The length and girth of the curler will be suitable for all hair types, especially short and thin hair. You can easily tie the loose ends that remain after wrapping all your hair around the Spider COOLCURLTM on top of your head, thanks to the conveniently placed strings at the bottom of the rods.

Filled with an innovative, meticulously engineered memory foam, the Spider COOLCURLTM is made to be comfortably worn and slept in. The elastic foam will easily adapt to your head’s shape and movements, while keeping your hair in place. Thanks to the specifics of our filling, you can decide how big or small your curls should be, as the foam will allow you to curl the hair more tight or loose, according to your preferences! The use of memory foam in this type of product is unique to GLOV®, as we looked for ways to make your heatless hair styling process as seamless as possible.

The GLOV® technical fiber that covers the Spider COOLCURLTM has been developed to be very gentle to the hair, meaning it won’t damage your hair’s natural structure, avoiding any frizz, breakage or unwanted creasing. Thanks to this, your whole hair care routine can now be managed without any use of heat!

Memory foam

The COOLCURL™ Spider is filled with innovative, carefully engineered memory foam that provides great feel and comfort while sleeping. The elastic foam gently conforms to the shape and movements of your head, keeping your hair in its coiled position. The best part? You can decide for yourself how big or small you want your curls to be. The unique foam filling allows you to wrap your hair around the rods more tightly or loosely depending on your preference.

We've been looking for a long time for a way to make the heat-free hair styling process as comfortable as possible while still having defined curls. Now GLOV®, with our unique memory foam composition, offers you a way to protect your hair from heat and still start the day with perfectly styled hair every day.


Technical microfiber

The GLOV® technical microfiber that COOLCURL™ is coated with is highly absorbent and absorbs any remaining water from your hair throughout the night. The fiber has been developed to be very gentle on the hair, i.e. H. It does not damage the natural structure of your hair and thus prevents frizz, hair breakage and unwanted wrinkles. This way you can design your entire hair care routine without the use of heat!



Why should you use COOLCURL™ Spider?

  • Achieve long-lasting curls with minimal effort
  • Style your hair without harmful heat
  • Reduce frizzy hair, hair breakage and tangles during the night
  • The COOLCURL™ hair curler will remain your trusty, eco-friendly stylist if you take good care of it!


How to use

How does COOLCURL™ Spider work?

  1. After washing, dry your hair approximately 95% with the GLOV® Hair Wrap or a hairdryer.
  2. Place the COOLCURL™ on your head.
  3. Divide your hair into four sections by dividing your hair in the middle and across your head with two "zig zag" partings.
  4. Start wrapping a small section of hair around the stick on one side from the top, as if you were braiding your hair.
  5. Then work your way down, adding new strands of hair each time, until all of the hair is wrapped around the COOLCURL™ Spider.
  6. Secure the ends with the hair tie and repeat the process on the other rods.
  7. For best results, leave hair on the curler overnight or for 4-6 hours until completely dry. Gently remove all parts and shake your hair. Have fun with your COOLCURLs!

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You will fall in love with COOLCURL™ if ...

You want healthy and strong hair.
You like innovative products.
You are a fan of hair care treatments.
You struggle with the problem of brittle and tangled hair.

How to get Hollywood curls with COOLCURL™ ? It is so easy!

  1. After washing, dry your hair by about 90% using the GLOV® Hair wrap or a hair dryer.
  2. Place the COOLCURL™ on top of your head, like a headband.
  3. Split your hair in two sections, making a “zig zag” part in the middle of your head.
  4. Starting with one side, from the top, take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the rod away from your face and work your way down adding new hair strands each time, until all hair is wrapped around the COOLCURL™.
  5. Secure the ends with the scrunchie and repeat on the other side.
  6. For best results, leave overnight or for 4-6 hours and until hair is completely dry. Remove all items gently and shake hair. Enjoy your COOLCURLs!

Ready! Check video tutorial here

Why will you love COOLCURL ™?

A non-invasive method of hair styling.

The COOLCURL ™ hair roller is used to make cold curls without the presence of high temperatures. What is its innovation? In the use of memory foam instead of ordinary foam. Thanks to it, the hair "works" with the roller during the night. In addition, the technical microfiber developed in GLOV prevents breakage and frizz as the second component of the roller, leaving natural-looking, bouncy and long-lasting curls.

What you gain using COOLCURL ™?

COOLCURL™ allows you to obtain long-lasting curls without the use of heat and reduces frizz, brittleness and hair tangling at night. Innovative materials ensure easy use and no headache in the morning. Universal size easily fits the head. In addition, it is a reusable product - just wash the roller under water and let it dry.

Why is COOLCURL™ an innovative product?

The roller is filled with a special memory foam. Other brands use regular, hard mousse or cotton wool that will mechanically damage your hair. In addition, COOLCURL™ follows the movements of your head and works with your hair while you sleep well.

GLOV® lightweight and super absorbent technical microfiber.

While others use satin or silk, we took it a step further and developed our own technical fabric that absorbs excess water, keeping your curls last all day long. All this prevents the hair from frizzing and tangling. COOLCURL™ keeps your hair in place even when you are moving or sleeping for a long time.