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Travel Set All Skin Types

All you need for make up removal and before bed skincare routine in one colorful cosmetic bag!

GLOV TRAVEL SET includes GLOV makeup remover for all skin types, Quick fix thimble to remove mascara stains and MAGNET cleanser to wash your GLOVS.

GLOV Original All Skin Types: Original fiber is the most universal and suitable for all skin types. Thanks to its electrostatics features, it deeply cleanses the surface of the skin from clogged pores and keep the natural hydro-lipid barrier intact.

All the goodies in colorful, pretty and light cosmetic bag that will fit in every luggage.

Set includes a small plastic hook for easy hanging.

GLOV fibers are dermatology tested, hypoallergenic and safe for eyes even if you were lenses.

Reusable up to 3 months (while daily usage).

No need to take with you micellar water, cotton pads, eye make up removing lotion, face gel and peeling. GLOV does it all. Just add water

Less is more! Take with you only beauty essentials and still shine like a diamond. GLOV TRAVEL SET will embrace your beauty wherever you are (camping, vanlife, 5star glamour hotel? GLOV got your back!).