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Bunny Ears Set by Paola Maria

This cute, comfy and fluffy set is all you need to start your Spa ritual at home.

1.The ultra-plush Bunny Ears Headband keeps your hair out of the way.

2.Glov On-The-Go helps you to remove your makeup leaving your skin smooth and fresh.

3.Did you notice that Glov does more than removing makeup? ;-)

Keep hair out of the way the GLOV Bunny Ears Headband! This ultra-plush headband is made of extra absorbent microfibers and soft elastics, to comfortably hold hair back when washing or performing any at-home spa treatment.  Luxuriously soft and perfect for even the most sensitive skin, the Bunny Ears Headband gently holds hair in place so that you can enjoy your beauty routine! One size fits all! 

GLOV On-The-Go will make your life simple. It takes up no space in your bag so you can simply of skin, even the most sensitive. Designed to meet the needs of the contemporary :)