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Christmas gift for your girlfriend? What to buy to surprise your lady.

You’d like to make your girlfriend happy but you have no idea what to give her as a Christmas gift? Good news! We asked our Customers and friends and made a list of this winter’s most wanted presents! Girls who love yoga, natural face care, cosmetic gadgets and good music will love all the ideas below. But it’s you who knows your lady best! So we hope you’ll find our ideas useful and choose a perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend.

Yoga mat with a special print

She loves yoga? The bull’s-eye would be a unique yoga mat made in Poland. Made of 100% biodegradable rubber and a layer of microfiber, the Miamiko mat will beg her to jump on it and start a morning session. The prints are created by Polish designers, which makes the mats even more special. She won’t find them in retail chain stores.

A compact, retro gramophone

If your girlfriend isnostalgic, likes retro and loves music – think about getting her a gramophone for playing vinyls! It’s stylish, cute and will help her look for more unique travel souvenirs. Cheap vinyls can be found at flea markets, Allegro auctions and even at a well-known store with a ladybird in its logo. The vinyls are definitely back, also because of its romantic, sensual association. Taking the vinyl out of its packaging, delicate cracking and the moment the needle touches the vinyl and starts playing first sounds!

Beauty potion – an edible cosmetic

What about buying a cosmetic quite different than the rest... one that works from the inside? Beauty potion is mixture of adaptogens and ayurvedic herbs that support the outer beauty which, by the way, is a result of a healthy and properly-working body. Triphala helps the skin, nails and hair (even though it mainly improves digestion and cleanses the body), schisandra enhances stress resistance and consoles the nervous and hormonal systems, and ashwagandha relaxes and calms down. This magic powder can be dissolved in a shake, oatmeal or added to pastries. If your girlfriend likes beauty novelties, natural medicine and healthy nutrition, she will be interested in the Beauty Potion.

The book „The secrets to Korean beauty”

European girls admire Asian women’s perfect skin and Korean face care routine has been a hit for some time now. It’s multi-staged and quite complicated, but in Poland we can already get all the original cosmetics that will help go through all the steps. Charlotte Cho claims that genes are not that pivotal and the secret to Korean flawless skin lies in proper face care. The motto of the book is:

Forget about French women who age with dignity and reach for the Korean perfection!

Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise, regenerate and shine!

Collagen lip mask

You might not know this but your lady’s lips go through a lot, especially if she likes to use lipstick. Matte lipsticks, lipglosses, makeup removal fluids, kissing, windy days – all these weaken the lips that are one of the few areas on human body which doesn’t sweat and self-moisturise. Apart from a good lipstick, a lip SPA might also help. Collagen Lips Mask by Pilaten has a funny design of kissing lips. All she has to do is put it on her lips and wait 10-15 minutes. The lips are ready for makeup or... kissing! The mask brings back satin smoothness. All thanks to collagen, hialuronic acid, honey extract and aloe. 

Home microdermabrasion device

By Phillips for example. VisaCare is an elegant device for non-invasive microdermabrasion, which will help fight the first signs of aging, discolouration and small scars at home. The device scrubs off dead cells, massages the skin and stimulates it for deep regeneration. As a result, the skin will be more firm and radiant and according to the producer, it shouldn’t take more than up to 6 weeks. 100 000 polishing grains are much more effective than classic, mechanical or enzymatic peelings. Additionally, these modern devices usually have a built-in lifting system, which gently sucks the skin in and affects the deeper layers.  Microcirculation stimulation energizes the fibroplasts into collagen and elastin production – which rejuvenates the skin and can be a fantastic addition to daily cream or serum routine.

Gadgets for conscious girls

Even if the ZERO WASTE movement is just a trend, we support it with all our hearts. Re-usable and not polluting the environment. What exactly? Cups, bags, straws, bottles, toothbrushes or menstrual cups. With a little bit of awareness and good will we can really change our habits. You think that re-usable bags ( are old-fashioned? Wrong! Influencers all over the world promote them on their social media channels. Why? For the sake of our oceans and our whole planet! Areta Szpura from Local Heroes has invited many celebrities to promote ecological awareness. Find out more about her campaignHERE.

( Ecological straws can be easily bought via Allegro. They’re made of metal and you can use them to drink shakes or your morning lemon water, without any damage to your tooth enamel. They come with a small brush which makes cleaning them twice as easy. 


Girlstalk... a book written by journalists Paulina Klepacz and Karolina Cwalina-Stępniak who are not afraid of talking about difficult topics. Nowadays, real and authentic dialogue is fading away – but girls openly talk about sex which, according to them, begins in our minds.

GLOV Travel Set

You love to travel together? Vanlife? Spontaneous escapades? Music festivals, sleeping in a tent in the wild outdoors? Travel set will prove valuable also for a party girl or if you want your girlfriend to stay over but she forgot to bring her cosmetics with her. GLOV Travel Set will help her remove her makeup without any additional cosmetics. Makeup will disappear with the help of a glove previously soaked in water and crushed mascara will be removed with a Quick Treat (yes, even on the plane or in the train!). All of it can be quickly washed with the Magnet soap and there’s even a little hanger that will help dry the glove. All you have to do now is book a flight to Paris and just go ☺