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2018 Christmas gifts. Novelties, which will charm all the girls.

Every year the same! What should I buy for my sister? My friend? And what about a gift for myself? At GLOV we wholeheartedly believe that you should include yourself on your Christmas gift list. So today, we present you with cosmetic gadgets, which will charm all the girls. There’s something for all of us – technology fans, boho girls, instagram influencers or natural face care lovers. Check out our choices!

Foreo ufo

Every face care fan must know the Foreo devices! The sonic brushes producer has released something brand new and very special! Ufo is an innovative device that combines latest technology with traditional face care, which means it helps the cloth masks work more effective and much faster! Ufo works with dedicated masks, but they are much smaller that traditional ones – instead of your face, you put it on the device. That way, nothing drips down your face in comparison to Korean cloth masks. The device is packed with technology. How does it work? After you choose a mask, you should connect to the application and scan the mask’s barcode. Ufo recognizes the product and adjusts its action to it. The treatment uses T-Sonic pulsation, the Led light and is able to warm up or cool down the skin. Thanks to it, the mask works 90 seconds after aplication so you don’t need several dozens of minutes for face care. The treatment itself is really pleasant and the Foreo Ufo will additionally be  decoration of every bathroom.

Nail polish Tweexy ring

You will love this funny gadget if you paint your nails yourself. The nail polish is put inside a rubber ring so it stands still and doesn’t move around the table. All you have to do is put the ring on your finger, put the nail polish inside and you can even paint your nails while you stand! The ring is wide, it will also fit some nail accessories such as brushes, a toothpick or a tape. All nail polish sizes will fit into it. And you don’t have to touch your nails if you want to take the ring off.

Janbarba bath herbs (

Oh, to feel like Cleopatra, but instead of milk and honey bathe in natural herbs? The blend from a Polish brand Janbarba includes camomile, Roman rumian, cornflower, linden flowers, nettle leaves, mint, lavender, rose petals, hop cones and rosemary leaves. You can add it to your bath, which will improve the state of your skin, or you can create a face steam treatment with it. All you have to do it is put some blend into a bowl filled with hot water, lean over it and cover your face with a towel. The blend has an antiseptic, calming and antibacterial effect, it also tones the skin, calms it down and smells beautifully. We’re sure that if you love nature, you will just adore the flower petals floating in your bathtub during long winter evenings. We still have to wait for summer walks in the fields, but while we wait we can indulgein some sensual pleasure. 

GLOV makeup removal headband

Here’s one more fantastic gadget which will make your winter evenings spent in bathroom even more pleasant! These funny rabbit ears are actually a practical headband that will prove useful during face care rituals. It doesn’t only gather hair away from your face but it also transforms you into a super cute bunny. And to unveil some of the mystery we can tell you that initially we planned for the rabbit ears to be only a limited edition gadget – but our Customers loved it so much, bought all of them, posted many selfies on the Instagram and we just had to leave it in our assortment permanently. You’ll really love them becausethey’re not only Instagram-perfect, but also very practical. If you love face masks and face scrubs, you will also love the rabbit ears. But they will also be perfect for evening makeup removal. They have already saved lots of undisciplined fringes.

Jade or pink quartz face massager

This massaging roller will catch the eye of all eco cosmetics and natural care fans. This beautiful gadget doesn’t only look good on the flat lay on Instagram, but it is also very effective. Originally, the massagers were made of jade or pink quartz. Today, you can also find the amethyst, Tiger’s Eye or black obsidian ones. Choose the one made perfectly (works smoothly and the metals parts don’t rust) and looking beautiful – after all, you will use on a daily basis. Natural stones are cold, but you can additionally keep them in the fridge. They will stimulate the lymph, shrink the pores, lift the face oval and help get rid of the eye swelling. The Carnival is just around the corner so you’ll have plenty of chances to test the massager after many sleepless nights.

Yope scented candle

It’s a perfect gift for your sister, friend or any other fan of staying at home and just chilling out (don’t we all become them in fall and winter?). Doesn’t matter if you have your own apartment, or you rent a room – scented candle will always create a positive vibe. You can light them during home SPA rituals (that’s when they’re most relaxing), but we also love to light them during the day. Candles, a thick sweater, a blanket and a favourite book or a TV series and you have the perfect winter evening ready. Instead of citrus or extotic scents, choose warm, sensual ones. Likethe one from YOPE, which is like a soft, warm, woolen blanket. Light it and you will surround yourself with vanilla, ambergris, cedar and musk. The candle is made off soy wax, which is healthier than traditionalone. Soy wax doesn’t produce black smoke and emits less carbon dioxide and toxins so it’s also safe to light it in the bedroom. The packaging is decorative so it will be a perfect gift for someone who pays attention to their surroundings.