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About us

Meet Monika and Ewa
This is their adventure with GLOV

Phenicoptere was founded in 2011 by Monika and Ewa, two women who love makeup but have never liked removing it. We have always dreamt of coming up with a way of making the experience more pleasant. That is why we decided to start working on a product which would meet all our needs and bring joy back into our beauty routine. We spent three years thoroughly testing cosmetic microfibres before developing a final product, GLOV, which is easy to use, hypoallergenic and good for your skin.

Company name - Phenicoptere, means in Old French flamingo. This bird inspires us because of the incomparable beauty and strength it derives from the nature. Today, Phenicoptere is a market leader in the development of one of a kind microfibres. Our products are currently available in more than 40 countries. We continually develop new, specialized products and keep working on revolutionising the skincare industry.

Top quality of the products is our key priority. We were adamant to keep the production in Europe, Poland which enables us to meet the highest quality standards.