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GLOV Quick Treat Unicorn Edition

Made for quick correction of your make up

Long day at work, partying with friends, watching a romantic comedy - there are plenty of situations that may smudge your makeup and cause an unwanted ‘’panda effect’’ around your eyes.

Get rid of the smudged makeup with GLOV Quick Treat! GLOV Quick Treat is a small and handy gadget that will allow you to adjust the makeup in the blink of an eye. Forget about smeared mascara, smudged eye pencil or uncontrolled trace of lipstick .

GLOV Quick Treat fits even into the smallest clutch bag. Mini product is available in 4 colors: Cheeky Peach, Bouncy Blue, Party Pink and Glam Grey.

Packaging of this special GLOV Quick Treat Unicorn
edition was designed by Krizia Banogon Chan