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Mask Remover Purple

GLOV Mask Remover in the new color version- PURPLE! Limited edition :)

The GLOV Mask Remover will make the removing process just as enjoyable as the mask application. All you need to do is wet the glove with warm water and apply it on your face for a brief moment. You will feel your skin get pleasantly warmer – this means the mask has begun to melt. Now you can remove the mask, making circular movements on your face. Then just rinse the glove in warm water. Sounds nice and easy? So it is! The glove can also be cleaned in the washing machine.

GLOV Home Spa is the easiest way to take care of your skin and truly relax without the need to leave home.  

Product features: 

- Simplifies the process of washing the dried cosmetic mask off (the product is dedicated to clay and mud masks) 

- Removes residue of cosmetic mask from the surface of the skin while facilitating the activity of the mask nutrients (glove fibres do not have peeling properties, they "slide" on the skin surface, dissolve the clay and gently remove it without disturbing the absorption of the mask nutrients by the skin) 

- Unique fibre weave attracts and "catches" the remains of the mask, but it does not absorb them, making the mask very easy to wash off the glove (even under water jet only) 

- Reusable (performance guarantee for up to 100 mask wash-offs) 

- Suitable for washing in a washing machine (without softening agents)