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Comfort Your Time Set

Allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of pampering yourself. Plan it, do it, smile and breathe. Celebrate your SPArkling moments: a warm bath, some scented candles and oil and a soothing music far from the hustle and bustle. Begin your beauty ritual with a thorough skin cleansing by using Glov Comfort. Relish a fully refreshed and smooth skin. Apply a cool eye-mask and spoil yourself. How do you feel? Pleasant? Make the ritual a habit. Now with the Comfort Your Time Set you have no excuse! Enjoy!


4 corner system performs wonders with strong makeup. Its bigger surface allows for a greater reach in the eye, face and neck area. 

The GLOV mask featuring gel beads may be cooled or heated so that it will assist in different situations. After cooling in the refrigerator, it helps you relax, alleviates puffiness under the eyes, relieves headache and restores radiant look. After heating, it can relieve a cold and sinus pain.

GLOV INTRODUCES NEW PACKAGING STANDARD! Have your favorite GLOV always with you in our new waterproof and durable zip-bag!